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World’s #1 Running Calculator Launches iPhone App

posted by Chantelle
World’s #1 Running Calculator Launches iPhone App

Professional athletes, highly skilled coaches, beginner runners and everything in between have long relied on the world’s #1 running calculator from Greg McMillan at McMillan Running (see online version).The algorithm powered running calculator that allow runners to looks up equivalent race performances and understand optimal training paces has now hit iTunes. Runners can now check their paces and times while on the go. This is a dream come true for coaches around the world, who have been crunching numbers for years on their beaten down calculator to determine appropriate interval paces for their athletes! Crunch no more!

Need a training partner? Or, some added motivation? Turn your iPhone sideways and the app will display a motivational quote or training tip. Does it get any better than that?

Download the app at the iTunes store now!

Cost: $2.99

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