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WILSON KIPSANG wins 40th Honolulu Marathon

posted by Chantelle
WILSON KIPSANG wins 40th Honolulu Marathon

Wilson Kipsang of Kenya wins the 40th running of the Honolulu Marathon in a time of 2:12:31. Markos Geneti of Ethiopia finishes shortly behind in 2:13:08.Lead women,Valentina Galimova (RUS) and Woynishet Girma (ETH) battled it out but Galimova was triumphant running 2:31:23  and Gurma finished 2nd in 2:32:22.

Interesting fact: The first American was FEMALE, Stephanie Rothstein-Bruce of Flagstaff, AZ who finished in 2:32:57. She is newlywed wife to elite USA runner Ben Bruce.


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