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Why Runners Should Buy Local

posted by Sarah
Why Runners Should Buy Local

You cannot pick up the newspaper or listen to the radio these days with out hearing about the meat recalls that have been happening across the country. If this isn’t a wake up call to buy local and support your local producers than I do not know what is. A major part of healthy living is fueling your body with the best quality food you can get. You wouldn’t put oil in your car gas tank would you? So how can you justify putting anything but the best quality food into your body and expect it to perform?

When you buy from local producers you are paying for the quality and care that went in to growing that product; not for the packaging and transportation. You will also be getting a fresher and more nutritious product. By investing in your neighbours, you are supporting your local economy and helping other families to continue doing what they love.

There are many ways for you to get better quality food. The first step is to get informed. Do some research into where your food is coming from whether it is meat, eggs or fresh produce. Find out not only where, but how your food is grown.

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The next step is to go directly to the source. Take time to visit one of the many farmers markets across the city and get to know the farmer directly. Asking questions is the best way to get answers. You can ask the farmer what, if any, pesticides have been used on the produce or what the diet of the animal was. Buying straight from the farmer insures freshness because you know that the food has not been sitting on a truck for several days and in most cases you can get produce that was picked that day.

Some farms also have the option of going for a tour to see how they operate. You can see behind the scenes of food production and harvesting. You will gain an appreciation for the amount of work that is put into getting the food from the ground to your table and not be so quick to buy whatever is convenient at the grocery store.

When you buy local you can be sure that you are investing in a more sustainable future for everyone. Less packaging means less garbage and less transportation needed means less emissions produced.

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So I challenge you to make the investment into your health and your community and buy local. I promise you will not be disappointed!

About the Author: Sarah McIntosh is a Personal Trainer at the Hydrid Fitness Center in London, ON and a proud Kinesiology graduate of the University of Western Ontario.  She has taken her love of running to a new level and is now training to compete in triathlons. She also enjoys rock climbing, camping and baking, not all at the same time.  


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