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Week 44 Playlist – 2011

posted by Jimmy
Week 44 Playlist – 2011

Mmmm… this one is the real deal. I was blessed enough to attend two concerts for free this week, one of which was a short and intimate appearance by The Fray after their performance on Jimmy Kimmel Live. In this brief set they opened with their new single Heartbeat, which is soon to be another Fray classic.

A few days later I went to a concert at Saddleback Church where the well seasoned Jars of Clay were performing. I was excited to see them in concert but was more excited to see one of my favorite artists in Dave Barnes. If you ever get to see Dave, (yes I speak of him on a first hand basis, we’ve shook hands twice now and I’ve seen him live 4 times, that’s grounds for first name basis ya?) please see to it that you do and I promise you will not be disappointed. He’s a great songwriter but an even better entertainer, by the end of the show you may wonder why he isn’t pursuing a career in comedy, he is that funny. Before Dave played, Andrew Ripp opened the show in jaw dropping fashion, homeboy could sing a trigonometry text and make it listenable.

This playlist features songs from all four of the artists or groups I saw live this week, because nothing beats live music. There’s a magic in it, you can have no interest in an artist or even in a genre and a concert of that sort will simply rock your world. Of course this isn’t how it always is, but in my experience it is more often than not. Hope you enjoy this playlist, it’s loaded with keepers.

Warm Up

1. Josh Garrels – The Resistance
2. Coldplay – Paradise

Work Out

3. The Fray – Heartbeat
4. Jars Of Clay – Flood
5. Dave Barnes – Little Lies
6. Andrew Ripp – Savior
7. James Morrison – Slave to the Music
8. NEEDTOBREATHE – Keep Your Eyes Open

Cool Down

9. William Fitzsimmons – I Don’t Feel it Anymore
10. Andrew Ripp – Peace Like a River

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