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Week 3 Playlist – 2012

posted by Jimmy
Week 3 Playlist – 2012

Happy New Year Runners Feeders! Here’s our first playlist of 2012 and in my humble opinion, it’s yet again, a keeper!

Kicking off with some Snow Patrol and Beyonce, two jams that build nicely to lead you into an upbeat track from B.O.B and Andre 3000. Next is a li’l taste of country with a Luke Bryan track followed by a Drake number that will undoubtedly get ur head bobbin’. Then comes the winner of the voice Javier Colon and his mentor Adam Levine collaborating on a decent track. Flo Rida’s Good Feeling has probably been heard too many times by most of you but I still love when my iPod decides to throw it on when I’m in the gym. And then the wierdest entry of the week is Jeremih’s You’re Mine, it is a weird entry due to the fact that it’s a Christmas song. I simply could not file it away in the Christmas archive yet and am still enjoying it so it made the playlist. Cooling us down are two tracks that are climbing the billboard charts as we speak in Taylor Swifts collaboration with the ever talented Civil Wars and Jason Mraz’s newest single that consists of beautiful simplicity.

I hope ya’ll enjoy the music, even if you only find one song you like that’s good enough for me. God Bless.

Warm Up

1. Snow Patrol – New York
2. Beyonce – Countdown

Work Out

3. B.O.B – Play the Guitar (Feat Andre 3000)
4. Luke Bryan – I Don’t Want This Night To End
5. Drake – Headlines
6. Javier Colon – Stand Up (Feat. Adam Levine)
7. Flo Rida – Good Feeling
8. Jeremih- You’re Mine

Cool it

9. Taylor Swift – Safe and Sound (Feat. The Civil Wars)
10. Jason Mraz- I Wont Give Up

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