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Week 12 Playlist – 2012

posted by Jimmy
Week 12 Playlist – 2012

Greetings! My Favorite month of the year is here, March Madness (NCAA Basketball), St. Patty’s Day and my birthday! I Hope this month is one you are looking forward to as well and that this play list might work as a soundtrack to your spring!

The first song is a mash up that in my opinion may have been Glee’s finest mash up to date. Even if you are not a fan of Glee, it is worth a listen. Next comes a very little known artist Foy Vance who has found his way through my speakers quite often lately. He came by way of a great site with free music where artists provide music in hopes for people to hear there music, enjoy it, and leave a tip if they feel led to. Next is a very mainstream song which I couldn’t help but succumb to its catchy-ness! Nonetheless it is a great track. Then a song off of the Fray’s new album, which is another great album by the Fray. Following the fray is too Zach’s, one relatively unknown and the other that is a household name in Zach Williams and the Zach Brown Band respectively. Hot Chelle Rae’s The Only One is a jam that is a lot of fun to dance to and then closing out the work out portion of the play-list is Eric Church with his latest single Springsteen. Cooling us off is an Ingrid Michaelson-esque performance by Jess Penner with Lucky One and then Andrew Belle’s You’re in my Veins. Hope you enjoy the play-list and that life is treating you well, God Bless!

Stretch it1. Glee Cast – I Believe I Can Fly / Fly (Nikki Minaj & R. Kelly mashup)
2. Foy Vance – Be With Me

Work it

3. Fun – We Are Young
4. Fray – Run For Your Life
5. Zach Williams – Names That Fell
6. Zac Brown Band – Keep me in Mind
7. Hot Chelle Rae – The Only One
8. Eric Church – Springsteen

Cool it

9. Jess Penner – Lucky One
10. Andrew Belle – In my Veins

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