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Warrior 2, Yoga for Runners

posted by Rob
Warrior 2, Yoga for Runners

Preparation: From Warrior I, open up the arms and walk your rear foot towards the back of the mat. Make sure the rear foot is parallel to the back of the mat and the front foot is pointing directly forward.

Execution: Lunge into the front leg keeping the front knee directly over the front ankle (adjust your feet apart if necessary). Keep the heels in line with each other to keeps the hips square. The front knee should bisect the front foot.

Notes: Warrior II is a hip-opener so work the hips open by taking the front knee towards the outside of the front leg. Gaze at your front middle finger and keep the spine vertical rather than leaning forward.


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  1. Dr Duke says:

    Not a fan of yoga for runners, I’ve treated countless injuries as a result of yoga for runners .You essentially bypass the elastic elements of the muscles/tendons and enter into the joint space. The next stop is your ligaments … never want to lengthen your ligaments as this will only add to instability. Dr Duke Nyc Chiropractor

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