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Trigger Point

posted by Brandon
Trigger Point

Grab a tennis ball, squash ball, or golf ball and start digging. Mobility is trump when it comes to running mechanics and injury prevention.

Sports medicine practitioners would agree that the overwhelming root-cause of running related injuries is untreated muscle tightness (medically known as myofascial restrictions).  Fascia—or the connective tissue layer that encases and protects our muscles, bones, and joints becomes restricted, manifesting as pain.


Since a body is conditioned to do what the mind tells it to, we unconsciously, and involuntarily accommodate this pain by adjusting our biomechanics (form). Shortly thereafter, our alignment is thrown off, compensations set in, and the end result is usually a laundry list of aches and pains stemming from last week’s insignificantly tight hammy.

If you have a few extra dollars, we recommend using the Trigger Point Performance Therapy products. They also house some great info for using said products. Below are a couple videos to get you started.

Foot Roll: Rolling out your arches is a great idea even if you do not experience pain there. This is a great preventative exercise for plantar fasciitis.

Glute Roll: It is not uncommon for runners to experience piriformis issues, which can be linked to several different things including lack of mobility in the hips.

Notes: Start with relatively little pressure and increase pressure using your body weight.

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