The Times of India Says “Run, even if you don’t like to”

The title of a recent article posted by The Times of India caught my eye for obvious reasons. As a competitive runner, I often think of how I will stay fit when I am not running 200K a week. I think I might swim, Zumba, and surf. The point is, I will supplement my 30K weeks with various types of exercise because there are so many other fun ways to stay fit. As The Times of India article would confirm, there are people that believe running is a must despite lack of love for the sport. The title of the article read “Run, even if you don’t like to“.

I certainly agree with a few of the reasons they claim running is a must for those looking to lose weight, clear their head, or even nurse a hangover. That being said, I still do not believe you should run, even if you don’t like to.

Check out the full article and let us know what you think via our message board.

1 thought on “The Times of India Says “Run, even if you don’t like to””

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