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The Perfect Runner Documentary Airs March 15th

posted by Brandon
The Perfect Runner Documentary Airs March 15th

The Perfect Runner is a documentary film by Niobe Thompson which explores the miracle of running through the science of human evolution. Perhaps you were introduced to running as a form of punishment, or had medical professionals explain why humans were not meant to run longer distances. Thompson explores the pleasure of running and proves that humans were indeed designed to run.

Thompson’s documentary is set to air on March 15th at 8pm EST on CBC. If you do not live in Canada, you can purchase the documentary here. The trailers below certainly peaked our curiosity.

I suggest reading the Scientific Background behind The Perfect Runner. Below is a brief excerpt from the Scientific Background.

The body of Homo sapiens can do two things remarkably well: stride efficiently and regulate body temperature. The human leg, from the build of the arched foot to the network of long tendons running up the calf and thigh, is a perfectly formed marriage of muscle and energy-returning “springs”. The large bum muscle – the gluteus maximus ­– is unique to humans among the primates and propels us forward while stabilizing our torso as we stride.

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A large rope – the nuchal ligament – runs up the back of the head to stabilize the cranium during running. Our withered arms, in comparison to our primate cousins, are structured to swing as counterweights to our body’s motion without tiring our shoulders. And our elongate form – long legs, narrow hip, tall torso – give an elite runner a stride length of 3.5 metres, much farther than any four-legged competitor. Read More.

The Perfect Runner, Official Trailer from Niobe Thompson on Vimeo.

The Perfect Runner, behind the scenes in Ethiopia from Niobe Thompson on Vimeo.

The Perfect Runner, behind the scenes in Extreme Slow Motion from Niobe Thompson on Vimeo.

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