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“The Naked Tour” with “Born to Run” Author Chris McDougall

posted by Chantelle
“The Naked Tour” with “Born to Run” Author Chris McDougall

Author of legendary running novel “Born to Run” will be touring the United States on what he calls “The Naked Tour”.  This promotional tour celebrates barefoot running and coincides with the paperback release of the “Born to Run” novel. Various cities from coast to coast (see list below) are hosting McDougall and his team of naked running experts.

For those who haven’t read “Born to Run”, we suggest you run to your local bookstore asap or purchase a copy online.

In short, Chris McDougall’s adventures in the Mexican Copper Canyons with the Tarhumara Indians; who he claims are super-athletes, led him to his obsession with running barefoot and his strong belief that shoes may in fact be the cause of many American’s running injuries.

Tour Dates & Locations

April 7, 2011              Boise,ID

April 8-9, 2011          San Francisco, CA

April 10, 2011            Los Angeles, CA

April 15, 2011            Cambridge, MA

April 16, 2011            Boston, MA (Boston Marathon Weekend!)

April 26, 2011            Fairhope, AL

April 27, 2011            Hattiesburg, MS

April 29, 2011            Asheville, NC

April 30, 2011            Miami, FL

May 1, 2011                 Boulder, CO

May 3, 2011                 Salt Lake City, UT

June 4, 2011                Wayzata/Long Lake, MN

June 10-11, 2011        New York City, NY

Each location will feature a Naked Demo, a Naked Run, and a Q&A with Chris and his team.

For the purpose of this article and “The Naked Tour”, the term “naked” refers to being naked from the ankles down.  Don’t get carried away now or arrested for that matter.

View more information on Chris McDougall and “The Naked Tour”.

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