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The Making Of Champions

posted by Brandon
The Making Of Champions

Canadian Running Magazine created a 14-minute documentary about the Guelph Gryphons and The Speed River Track and Field Club. I’m not sure a lot of people remember the days of Dezy, Vollmer, Murphy, Coolsaet, and even Moulton. These guys made our lives very difficult as Mustangs and laid the foundation for what exists today.

I remember staying up at night trying to figure out a way to nab a recruit that was already leaning towards attending Guelph. Dave Scott-Thomas and Chris Moulton have assembled a team and more importantly, a program that breeds success. Taylor Murphy’s brother, Charley Murphy (Mustang Captain in 2002) used to tell me that ‘success breeds success’. This is what makes Guelph tough to beat, and what will make Guelph tough to beat in the years to come.

The Speed River Track and Field Club is always pushing the boundaries as well. Their new partnership with Sprint Management  is the latest example of how Speed River is attempting to eliminate excuses and create pathways to success.

Read more on the partnership with Sprint Management

The question becomes…Do you try to beat them or do you join them? Scott-Thomas and Moulton welcome the challenge and aim to raise the bar for Canadian running all-around. Who will be the next city/group to challenge the Gryphons/River?!

Guys like Coolsaet and Gillis have paid their dues. Check out the Top 5 from the 2002 CIS Cross Country Championships. These guys are now running 4+ 10K’s in a row faster than they were running 1 10K ten years ago.

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