The Cure for Muscular Imbalances?

I stumbled upon a somewhat controversial topic in The New York Times referring to muscular imbalances in golfers. At the Arnold Palmer Invitational two X-Ray scanners (Lunar iDXA & InBody 720) were introduced by GE that have the ability to analyze muscular imbalances. While I am well aware that this is a website dedicated to running, the diagnostic and treatment protocols appear to be ground breaking and transferable beyond a flawless golf swing. Runners are notorious for not only neglecting muscular imbalances, but we tend to dismiss the potential for improvement without ever having to run an extra mile.

Some runners suffer from over-developed adductors and under-developed glutes, while others have an arm carriage that resembles rocking a baby. These form flaws are likely due to muscular imbalances and result in an inefficient stride. As most of us know, an inefficient stride over the course of training for a marathon can wreak havoc on one’s body.

The New York Times reported that “in about eight minutes, all the data is processed, collated and printed on a five-page report that breaks down the amount of lean mass on the arms, trunk, legs and total body. It then separates the lean mass on the right and left sides of the body and highlights the difference between the two.” I for one might seek out a report. I will keep you posted.

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