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The 890s “Make Excellent Happen”

posted by Chantelle
The 890s “Make Excellent Happen”

New Balance 890

Classification: Cushioning/Neutral

Weight: Men’s 9.7 oz. Women’s: 7.7 oz.

“Making Excellent Happen” is New Balance’s latest marketing campaign and they are shouting it from the rooftops with their marketing of the 890s.  New Balance is certain they have made excellent happen with this light weight training shoe, designed to provide enough support for the everyday neutral runner while offering the elites the light weight frame needed to fly.

New Balance claims it is not what they took away from the shoe that has resulted in it’s incredibly light frame, but rather what they’ve added, referring to their RevLite technology.  The RevLite midsole foam used in this model is 30% lighter than comparable foams, and has allowed NB to achieve a light weight shoe that remains true to it’s promise of being durable and well-cushioned.

The 890s have been named after two of New Balance’s sponsored athletes, who know all about the need for speed.  The women’s 890 model, also known as the “Barringer” was named after top American middle-distance runner and 2008 Olympic steeplechase phenom Jenny Barringer Simpson.  (Yes, Jenny got hitched during the production of this shoe).  The men’s shoe, also known as the “Baddeley” was named after British 1500-meter specialist Andy Baddeley who boasts a 3:49 for the outdoor mile.

Feedback:  While minimal when it comes to weight, the shoe has a substantial heel, leaving some “minimalist runners” unhappy.

View New Balance’s highly entertaining 890 promotional videos.

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