Set A Weekly Strides Goal

I know I have been harping on everyone to do his or her strides as of late. It is only because I care and want you to be faster. By setting a weekly strides goal, you will be shocked at how much distance you can cover in a given week at your top end speed. Continue reading “Set A Weekly Strides Goal”

Winter Running: The Upside

For a lot of folks, the winter months can prove difficult to perform the quality workouts needed to feel confident about their fast approaching spring races. Do not fret. These tips will help you enjoy winter running to the fullest and set new personal bests in the spring. The following 6 tips are not the typical, ‘which shoes are good in the snow” or ‘how to make your treadmill workout more interesting’. Continue reading “Winter Running: The Upside”

Keep Motivation Up, As Temperatures Go Down

Keep your motivation up when the temperature goes down.  We’ve all heard the complaint and maybe even used it ourselves from time to time; “There is just not enough time in the day to go for a run,” or “It gets dark so early now and I don’t like running in the dark.” O.K. when I said “complaint” what I really meant to say was “excuse” because that is exactly what that is.

Continue reading “Keep Motivation Up, As Temperatures Go Down”