The Vancouver Sun Run: Proceeds Stay in Sport

The Vancouver Sun Run should be on your bucket list of races to run before you hang up your sneakers. This 10K race is sponsored by The Vancouver Sun and is held in Vancouver, British Columbia, CANADA every year on the third Sunday in April.  Continue reading “The Vancouver Sun Run: Proceeds Stay in Sport”

To Race a 10K or Complete a Marathon?

From celebrities to once upon a time couch potatoes, completing a marathon is at the top of everyone’s bucket list. This is understandable as it is a great accomplishment and topic of conversation around the water cooler. Nevertheless, it is important to debate the significance of racing a 10K versus completing a marathon. Disclaimer: This is not another piece on whether or not there should be a time limit for the marathon.  Continue reading “To Race a 10K or Complete a Marathon?”

Tim Hopkins, Vancouver Sun Run Race Director, on Runners Feed Live

Tim Hopkins the race director of The Vancouver Sun Run chats with us on Runners Feed Live about his involvement in the Sun Run, how he started and his present duties. Tim gives us a brief view of the days before the Sun Run and how good planning always leads to a great event.

The Sun Run brings together about 50,000 runners to the beautiful city of Vancouver, British Columbia – Canada. Registration for the next event will open in the fall and continues to grab the attention of all levels of runners from around the globe.

Tim Hopkins’ advice for someone who is looking to run their first 10K; take your time, get a good training schedule, prepare and do your training.

13 Year Drought Ends with Gillis’ Win at the Sun Run

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49,000 participants in 2011

On Sunday, 49,000 runners filled the streets of Vancouver to celebrate the 27th running of the Vancouver Sun Run.  This annual event welcomes runners of all abilities, while featuring some of Canada’s most elite distance runners. Continue reading “13 Year Drought Ends with Gillis’ Win at the Sun Run”