Keep Your Running Conversations Positive

Running offers a unique opportunity for conversation. It’s rare for us to find another chance to spend an hour, uninterrupted by text messages, emails, or family members where we can really get into a conversation with someone. Continue reading “Keep Your Running Conversations Positive”

Why Run A Road Race?

Many athletes who consider themselves “recreational” shy away from racing. They make various justifications for their decision to not race, like ‘I didn’t start running because I wanted to race’ or ‘why should I pay twenty dollars to race if I can just go for a run on my own.’ As realistic as these justifications may seem, people who limit themselves by avoiding races miss out on a variety of benefits that come out of races.

Perhaps the greatest benefit to signing up for a road race is that it requires commitment. By paying the normally modest entry fee, an athlete’s training immediately takes on a brand new focus. So, the next time you want to hit the “snooze button” when the alarm goes off in time for your before-work run, you have your twenty-five dollar commitment looming in the back of your mind. The next time you return home from work mentally exhausted, you have your twenty-five dollar commitment reminding you that the opportunity to improve your fitness and to take a mental break by going for a run is important to you. Continue reading “Why Run A Road Race?”