6 Reasons Why You Should Register Early

The early bird gets the worm…or a whole bunch of benefits when it comes to signing up in advance for your next race. Even though winter has barely begun, signing up now for next year’s races is smart. Below are some of the benefits to signing up as early as you can. Continue reading “6 Reasons Why You Should Register Early”

The Pre Competitive Phase – Simplified

The Pre Competitive Phase is sandwiched between the Base Phase and The Competitive Phase. This phase is often the toughest phase in comparison to the Base Phase, The Competitive Phase, and the Rejuvenation Phase. More often than not, this phase is the longest phase and consists of the most demanding workouts in a build-up. Continue reading “The Pre Competitive Phase – Simplified”

To Run on the Sidewalk or the Road?

Most folks run from their homes, which are located downtown or in suburbia. Either way, unless you choose to drive to a nearby trailhead most runners have to choose between running on the sidewalk or the road.  Which is better? Continue reading “To Run on the Sidewalk or the Road?”

The Wharton’s Active Isolated Stretching

Phil Wharton was a competitive athlete in high school as a member of both the track and soccer teams. While a member of these teams, Phil was running approximately 35 miles a week. After high-school, he transitioned quickly into the collegiate running system where he immediately increased his mileage to 90 miles per week, placing demands on a body that wasn’t able to adapt. If this sounds eerily familiar, you should keep reading. Continue reading “The Wharton’s Active Isolated Stretching”

2011 NCAA D1 XC West Regional – Live Coverage

The Runners Feed Crew will be reporting live from The NCAA D1 XC West Regional tomorrow (Saturday, November 12th), in Palo Alto, California. The meet will be contested on The Stanford Golf Course with the mens’ race starting at 10:00am PST and the womens’ race at 11:15am PST. Continue reading “2011 NCAA D1 XC West Regional – Live Coverage”

Injury Management

Over a long enough period of time, the injury rate for all runners is 100%. And while the greatest gains are achieved through long bouts of uninterrupted training, sometimes we need to deal with health issues in order to get back to that zone. This is not an article on injury prevention; it is an article on injury management. Continue reading “Injury Management”

The Power Of The Outfit

I lay in bed tossing and turning. My mind is restless. I try everything, counting sheep: nope. Deep breaths through my nose: absolutely not. Shot of Nyquil. Now we’re getting somewhere. Finally, I doze off but it’s not all that long before I shoot up in bed with visions of pink in my head. I look at my clock, it’s only 4am. I drift back asleep only to find myself shooting up in bed again. Continue reading “The Power Of The Outfit”

The Tensor Fascia Lata…not a drink you order at starbucks!

As runners we are often told we need a strong butt. And with that comes all this talk of this thing called the TFL…? So to give some clarity on the topic of butt’s and the TFL, here is a short and sweet piece for all you super keen runners out there! Continue reading “The Tensor Fascia Lata…not a drink you order at starbucks!”

5 Tips for Creating Your Own Training Group

Need some extra motivation with the fast approaching winter? Call a friend or ten, create a plan, and run! It is as simple as that.

Runners Feed’s 5 Tips for Creating Your Own Training Group  Continue reading “5 Tips for Creating Your Own Training Group”

Runners Feed Launches New Forum

Runners Feed is amped to announce the addition of our message board-forum located on our main toolbar. You can sign-in via Facebook! This forum provides readers the opportunity to contribute to the Runners Feed site and supports our “Read, Run, Results” mission. We know our readers have valuable information to share and are excited to be providing you with a platform to do so. Start a new thread or add your two cents to an existing post. Continue reading “Runners Feed Launches New Forum”