Post Workout Omlette

DO NOT LET THE CALORIE COUNT ON THIS BAD BOY FOOL YA!  It is chalk full of protein (so hold off on your smoothie) and contains plenty of good fat.  That being said, you cannot simply roll out of bed and devour this as a snack.  This MEAL is perfect following a long Base Run. Continue reading “Post Workout Omlette”

Married at Mile 16 of The Houston Marathon

At the 16 mile mark of The Houston Marathon that took place on Sunday, David and Molly got hitched! My Fox Houston quoted David saying, “She was getting a little tired back there and I thought she was going to dump me.”

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The Base Run a.k.a. THE FOUNDATION

The Base Run is typically performed during the base phase of training.  Go figure, eh?  The Base Phase is an integral part of a complete program and the Base Run will allow you to perform harder quality sessions in the pre-competitive phase.

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Brisk Run Glove (brrr…)

These gloves are lightweight, feminine, and the reflective strip will allow the gentlemen to notice you even in the dark!  I absolutely love the thumb slits that allow for easy texting. Continue reading “Brisk Run Glove (brrr…)”

Newton Shoes, Great…IF You’re In Shape

Are you in the market for a new pair of running shoes? Do you want to run with the Kenyans on race day?  There is some good news and some bad news.

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