Proper Running Posture

Do you spend most of your day sitting at a desk, slouched down over a computer and then try to go for a run? Have you ever taken time to look at your posture when sitting or standing and think of how it affects your running posture and overall performance? Well if not, you may want to start. Your posture while running is essential to your overall running performance and if your posture at rest is poor, you could be on the road to an injury.

If you try to run with proper posture but your resting posture is poor then you are exerting a tremendous amount of energy by trying to fight against your bodies’ alignment.

shalane flanagan

Improper posture is usually the result of muscle imbalances. As you fatigue during a run, these imbalances lead to an increase in tissue load and trauma which results in overuse injuries and decreased performance. Continue reading “Proper Running Posture”