The Double Road Race Comes to America Offering $4200 in Prize Money

As one of a few distance runners on my college team, I often complained about having to “double” and sometimes “triple” at track meets–meaning I competed in 2-3 long distance events. Deep down there was a real sense of pride and accomplishment that accompanied being able to help my team score Continue reading “The Double Road Race Comes to America Offering $4200 in Prize Money”

When & How to Choose Your Target Race Pace

Now that it’s the latter half of February, many people have already picked their spring goal race and have gotten serious about working towards that goal. An issue I’ve seen with a number of runners I’m working with, however, is that they’ve already picked what their race time is going to be several weeks ago, and their measure of success will be binary – if they hit the mark they’ve set for themselves four months in advance, their season will have been a success, Continue reading “When & How to Choose Your Target Race Pace”

Radcliffe Commits to Race Half-Marathon in Vienna

Paula Radcliffe (GBR) – the women’s marathon world record holder (2:15:25), has officially decided to race the OMV Half Marathon on April 15th 2012 – an event coinciding with the Vienna City Marathon in Austria. Radcliffe, who qualified for the 2012 London games in Berlin (2:23:46) this past fall, has made the decision to not race another marathon prior to the Olympics this summer. Continue reading “Radcliffe Commits to Race Half-Marathon in Vienna”


Big Races in Berlin, Toronto, New York and Palo Alto.

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Radcliffe Sidelined Again After 3rd Place Finish at the Bupa 10,000

Paula Radcliffe’s long awaited return to the racing scene, following the birth of her second child, ended in disappointment for the Marathon World Record holder.  Reports of a torn disc in Radcliffe’s back prevented her from showcasing her fitness and left her beat by fellow Brit and three-time Olympian, Jo Pavey (32:22), as well as 25-year old British rising star Gemma Steel (32:48) at the Bupa 10,000 in London on Monday.  Radcliffe completed the race in 33:17, running a pace she has shown she is capable of holding over the course of a marathon.

Is this the end?

While some may speculate that Radcliffe’s career is nearing the end, the 37 year old, mother of two, is confident that she will return and be ready to compete at the 2012 Olympic games.

Radcliffe at Bupa 10,000
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Paula Radcliffe Makes Long Awaited Return At the Bupa London 10,000

It has been 18 months since Paula Radclife has competed and the running world can hardly wait for her return on Monday morning at the Bupa London 10000. Radcliffe holds world records in both the marathon (2:15:25) as well as the 10km road record (30:21).  Having not raced since the birth of her son Raphael in November 2009 it is unlikely that Radcliffe will be challenging any world records.

Paula Radcliffe, Husband/Coach Gary Lough, Daughter Isla and newborn son Raphael

The Bupa 10,000 passes by several famous London sites including Big Ben, the Millenium Bridge and St.Paul’s Cathedral but needless to say all eyes will be on Paula as she showcases her post-pregnancy fitness. Continue reading “Paula Radcliffe Makes Long Awaited Return At the Bupa London 10,000”