Picking Your Ideal Training Partners

It’s that time of year again where runners have emerged from their holiday break and begin putting more thought into their spring racing goals and the work required over the coming months in order to get to the start line fit and healthy. Continue reading “Picking Your Ideal Training Partners”

Find A New Running Route

Whether you have lived in the same neighborhood for years or recently settled in new state…now is the time to explore. Have you ever found yourself wondering where that path leads or if that forest has a trail? Take a couple minutes to convince your running buddies to check it out. Continue reading “Find A New Running Route”

Negative Impacts of Running Gadgets

Have you ever been on an easy 5-mile run with a friend, you hit 40 minutes at an assumed 8 minute pace only to discover their GPS watch says 7.95 miles. You stop, but your friend jogs around in circles until the watch reads 8.0 miles. You can’t help but laugh as you see this, but then again, maybe this is you. While the technology in the last few years is impressive and certainly can help you train smarter, some of us forget how to run free, go by feel and give our watch tan-line a break. It’s important to understand when to use these gismos and gadgets, and when to leave them at home. After all, many of the world records still exist from days long before ipods and heart-rate monitors, and it didn’t take a GPS watch to measure the first marathon completed in ancient Greece.

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Here’s a simple set of solutions to eliminate the negative impacts of these running gadgets: Continue reading “Negative Impacts of Running Gadgets”