Top 5 Running Injuries: #2 Iliotibial Band Syndrome

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So your running along one sunny Sunday morning, the wind is flowing through your hair and your body feels great –or does it? A sudden sharp pain on the outside of your knee starts about 5 km into your run. What the heck is that?! Your forced to cut your run short and you are NOT happy about it. The next day you try again and about 1km into your run the pain starts again and AGAIN you have to stop running, and this time you didn’t even break a sweat! Now you are really MAD!  WHAT IS THIS PAIN?!

Iliotibial band syndrome or “ITBS” is cited as the second most common running injury (Tucker 2009) and is experienced as a burning or aching pain at the hip or outside of the knee. Pain increases when the knee is bent or straightened, going down stairs, or at a specific point during a run. Pain often decreases or goes away after a run. Continue reading “Top 5 Running Injuries: #2 Iliotibial Band Syndrome”

A Physiotherapist’s Perspective on Barefoot Running

Crazy runners or cutting edge scientists? As a physiotherapist I am very skeptical about new trends in the world of running. So when I started hearing about a whole new breed of runner trotting along on the soles of their feet, naturally I raised an eyebrow or two. I mean what the heck is with these people? Barefoot? Shoes with toes? Really? Over my running career I have spent thousands and thousands of dollars on good quality footwear, and orthotics assuming these were helping to reduce impact and my risk of injury, so when I learned what research was saying about the impact of my footwear choices I was more than a little shocked! So here is what the research, not just that crazy barefoot guy, is saying about barefoot and minimalist running!

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Top 5 Running Injuries: #1 Runners Knee

See also: Top 5 Running Injuries: #2 Iliotibial Band Syndrome (ITBS)

What is it?

Patellar femoral pain syndrome (PFPS), or “Runners knee” is the number one cited injury for runners (Tucker 2009).

Experienced as mild to severe pain at the base or behind the kneecap, this condition is often accompanied by a grinding sensation. Runners complain of pain with running, climbing  or descending stairs, bending the knee, or prolonged sitting. Pain usually occurs at a specific distance or time during a run but as the condition worsens pain can occur earlier in your run, post run, or even at rest.

So great, I know what I have, but can I run through it? Continue reading “Top 5 Running Injuries: #1 Runners Knee”

Running Injuries 101

If you run to win, if run to lose (weight that is), if you run to belong, or you simply run because it is what you have always done. Whatever your skill level, whatever your goal, there seems to be no escaping it.


Injuries are what separate those who can, from those who cannot. We’ve all had a season when all our hard work and calculated planning seems to blow up in our face.  And when we do, we look back over our training and wonder, “where did I go wrong?” Continue reading “Running Injuries 101”

Runners Feed adds Physiotherapist to its Wellness Team

At Runners Feed, we believe the key to a successful running career: whether that is defined by running fast, or running till you’re 90, is long bouts of consistent, uninterrupted training, achieved through physical and mental wellness.

To ensure the wellness of our readers, we are assembling a team of wellness experts.  Our first Wellness Expert, who joined our team in February, is Dietician Jennifer Broxterman. You’ve likely tried out some of her delicious recipes (my personal favorite is the Chicken Stir Fry Wraps).  View the nutritional services offered to Runners Feed athletes and Contact Jennifer to schedule a consultation. On May 7th we added Dr. Greg Roberts, a well-respected chiropractor who has already helped our readers understand symptoms and how to define health; as well as how to achieve it!

Today we are excited to announce the addition of Karen Gilbert to our Wellness Team.  She will be contributing running related articles to help our readers reach the finish line faster than ever, and more importantly, healthier than ever! Continue reading “Runners Feed adds Physiotherapist to its Wellness Team”