Three Videos You Should Watch and Share

I encourage you to take 15 minutes out of your day to watch these three videos. One video might start an internal debate, the other may enlighten you, while the last video is meant to inspire.

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Joint Play, for Optimal Function and Performance

Did you know that your joints like to play?

As runners you know that full ranges of motion (ROM) in your joints are integral to optimum function & performance. That being said, are you aware of a subtle, yet very important component of that ROM known as Joint Play?

Basic Components of R.O.M.

1) Active:
The range that you can produce by activating your own muscles.

2) Passive:
The range past active that requires “outside” help from a friend, health practitioner, or yourself by using the other arm or leg as leverage. Continue reading “Joint Play, for Optimal Function and Performance”

Recipe Modifications with Nutrition in Mind (Part 1)

A few small changes to the ingredients in your favourite recipe can take a mediocre meal and transform it into a nutrition-packed superstar! When you think about it, most of us tend to prepare the same 10 recipes again and again. With a few small tweaks in how you prepare those same 10 recipes, meal after meal, month after month, it can definitely add up to a healthier you.

For instance, by sneaking in a few more vegetables into your meals, using low-fat cooking methods such as steaming instead of frying, or substituting healthier ingredients such as whole wheat flour for regular white flour, you can benefit from attaining a healthy weight, reducing your risk for cancer, diabetes, and heart disease, plus, you’ll still get to enjoy your favourite top 10 recipes!

Tip: Try writing down the 10 meal ideas you make most often. Think about the ingredients and how you prepare and cook the food. Write down any new ideas you want to try. Continue reading “Recipe Modifications with Nutrition in Mind (Part 1)”

What is Health?

At Runners Feed headquarters, we often discuss what is the single greatest contributor to improving as a runner. Nine times of out ten we arrive at the same conclusion; being and remaining healthy. Does that simply mean the absence of stress fractures or a pulled hamstring? Certainly not. In my previous article I indicated that health is not determined by whether we have symptoms or not.  I will now elaborate on what health is and how we can achieve it.

Optimum HEALTH is:

A product of LIFE:
a) It’s a part of the gift of life – you can’t just go out and “get it” and you certainly can’t “buy it”.
b) We are programmed to be healthy and will express it fully in our bodies unless there is interference.  (more on interference in the section on stress)

How you are FUNCTIONING:
a) It’s having all your cells, tissues, organs and systems working 100% all the time.
b) It is a coordination / synergy of all the millions and billions of processes that occur in the brain-body connection. Continue reading “What is Health?”