Finding Motivation to Run in the Morning

Have you ever scheduled a morning run the night before, only to hit the snooze button ten times, then run straight to the coffee maker rather than the trail? If you’re anything like me, or the 45% or so of us who are not early birds, you understand completely. It’s not that we don’t love running, or that we’re lazy, after all, sleep is important. However, there are many benefits to morning runs to consider. Next time you’re lying in bed wanting to hit snooze think of the acronym GREAT to help you jump out of bed and start running.

Goals – Posting your goals somewhere you will look every day is important. Try posting them on a sticky-note near your bed or alarm clock. Every time you see the note it will remind you that your goals are more important than your 10 extra minutes of sleeping.

Routine – Create a consistent morning routine that you follow even on mornings you don’t run. Although it may be tempting to sleep in late those days, it can really throw off your whole schedule and keep you up at night. Routines will also help you stay on schedule with your daily tasks, and running early has the benefits of extra hours of free time.  Finally, when race day comes, you’ll be used to this, and won’t be that person yawning on the line.morning running Continue reading “Finding Motivation to Run in the Morning”

Running To Reduce Stress

Everyone gets nervous before a race. The days leading up to a big competition are often particularly stressful. We start to worry more and more about our diet, rest, and training. The funny thing is, no matter how nervous we are, the stress goes away as soon as the gun goes off, and those butterflies fly right out of our stomach. It’s all because running is a top notch stress buster. Not only does it produce those good old endorphins that give us the “runner’s high,” it also gets oxygen flowing to our brain and allows us to enjoy the fresh outdoor air and escape everything else in our busy lives. So how is it that running, a sport known to reduce stress, can end up making life more stressful?

Keep Running Simple

We’ve all had those moments when we start stressing about eating right, getting sleep, getting sick or injured, or deciding how fast to run. Then once you add in all the stress from school, jobs, families and social life, running becomes almost a chore at times and fitting it into our daily schedule can be difficult. If this sounds familiar, it is time to reevaluate your outlook on running. The best thing about running is that you only need yourself, a place to run, and probably a pair of shoes. Running is simplicity. Running shouldn’t be a cause of stress; it should be a cure. Continue reading “Running To Reduce Stress”