Dating A Distance Runner: Number 2

Although I was never into distance running before, I would commonly go through periods of time when I ran 3-5 days a week, 5km each time. During these stints of running, I became acutely aware that when you’re running and you have to go to the washroom, the feeling is much more imminent than in every day life. Continue reading “Dating A Distance Runner: Number 2”

Live From the Middle of the Pack – Awkward Running Moments

Awkward moments.  We’ve all been witness to them, and we’ve all definitely experienced them.  Continue reading “Live From the Middle of the Pack – Awkward Running Moments”

Dating a Distance Runner: Part 1 “Intro to the Sport”

I have to be honest, before I started dating a distance runner, I had no real interest in the sport and knew nothing about it.  A Fartlek to me sounded like a word someone made up to describe a combination of a couple dirty and disgusting things. And a split was a term that was vacant to me unless beside the word banana or when pluralized by my dance teacher cuing me to attempt a very painful exercise. Continue reading “Dating a Distance Runner: Part 1 “Intro to the Sport””

Train Harder, Run Faster: Part 2 of 4

Before delving into this week’s piece on ‘Intensity’ as it relates to running faster, be sure you have read Part 1 – Mileage, as the two are intricately related.

There are several schools of thought when it comes to intensity Continue reading “Train Harder, Run Faster: Part 2 of 4”


You can blame the Swedes for the name but you would also have to give them credit for one of the best running workouts.  Fartlek translates to ‘speed-play’, and it is as simple as that.  Much like the Tempo Run, Fartlek can be a great way to introduce some quality during any phase Continue reading “Fartlek”