Double Dipping: Run Twice a Day

Running success is best achieved with consistency over weeks, months, and years. Furthermore, as we discussed in the “Train More, Run Faster” series, you may have hit a running plateau simply due to your lack of mileage. Therefore, it might be time to introduce a second run to your day a few times per week, which we will refer to as ‘doubling’.

Here are the the top 5 reasons why you should ‘double’:

1. It is a great way to increase your mileage without the added stress on your body. Your form is more likely to breakdown after 8-10 miles, which can make miles 10-14 ‘un-pretty’ shall we say. By running 8-10 miles in the morning and 4 in the evening, you will maintain your form, keep that bounce in your stride, and reduce the likelihood of injury. That being said, I would not recommend running 7 miles in the morning and 7 miles in the afternoon. Simply put, you will lose out on the aerobic benefit.

Side note: allow 4-6 hours between runs.

2. YOU WILL BURN MORE CALORIES and your metabolism will remain elevated after both workouts. Continue reading “Double Dipping: Run Twice a Day”

Weight Loss for Athletes: Top 10 Tips for Controlling Calories

For many sports, losing weight, and in particular, reducing body fat, can result in serious gains in athletic performance.  For a lot of runners, shedding a few extra pounds means an increase in power-to-weight ratios and less body weight to move over long distances.  Other athletes often wish to lose weight in order to compete in a specific weight class or because appearance is an important element of their sport.

The benefits of losing a few pounds of body fat are enticing to any runner, but as most people know, successful, long-term weight loss is not an easy task.  With the wrong approach, running performance can suffer, injury and illness may become more frequent, and the scale may not budge despite all of the hard work and sacrificing. Continue reading “Weight Loss for Athletes: Top 10 Tips for Controlling Calories”