Book Review: Running The Edge

The impetus for this book is based on the powerful epiphanies of two men who have pushed their limits in running and in life to discover secrets they couldn’t hold back from sharing with the world. Continue reading “Book Review: Running The Edge”

Live from the Middle of the Pack – Changing Years and Changing Gears

On Sunday, October 2nd, I officially turned 30.  Yep, the dirty, flirty, thirty.  – F. Scott Fitzgerald once said, “Thirty – the promise of a decade of loneliness, a thinning list of single men to know, a thinning briefcase of enthusiasm, thinning hair.” Older people tell me life really begins at this age, and younger people tell me they’re glad it’s not them!  After all of the words of advice, bits of encouragement, and sharing of wisdom, I really can only think of one thing when it comes to turning thirty: Continue reading “Live from the Middle of the Pack – Changing Years and Changing Gears”

Adam Goucher and Tim Catalano, Running The Edge

Runners Feed sits down with Adam Goucher and Tim Catalano to discuss their new book, Running The Edge. It is no secret that it had been a few years since Adam Goucher laced up his racing shoes. Nevertheless, Goucher and long time friend and former Buffalo teammate, Tim Catalano were searching for a way to enrich the running community that had given so much to them.

While the two authors were miles apart during the interview (Catalano – Colorado and Goucher – Oregon), Goucher and Catalano breathed life into the book in an overwhelmingly similar manner. These two are undoubtedly passionate about our sport, and I for one am incredibly grateful that Goucher and Catalano, who had been brainstorming this book since the late 90’s finally put pen to paper. Continue reading “Adam Goucher and Tim Catalano, Running The Edge”

Adam Goucher To Hit The Streets of Philadelphia This Weekend

As many of you know, I am a huge fan of Adam Goucher, always have been since I read the first couple pages of Running with the Buffaloes. Some folks counted Goucher out a long time ago as he has dealt with every injury known to man. Rock ‘n’ Roll Philadelphia has assembled a star studded elite field, which I’m sure Goucher would love to compete with. That being said, that is not Goucher’s goal on Sunday. He is simply looking to qualify for The Olympics Trials in Janurary. He must run under 1:05:00 to secure a spot on the starting line in Houston on January 14th, 2012. Continue reading “Adam Goucher To Hit The Streets of Philadelphia This Weekend”