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A Cure to your “First Step of the Day Blues” that won’t turn off your spouse!

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A Cure to your “First Step of the Day Blues” that won’t turn off your spouse!

If you have ever stepped out of bed only to find yourself collapsing to the floor due to the gut-wrenching pain in your arch (plantar fascia), heal or lower calves… FEAR NO MORE!  We have the solution to your problem.

For years we have known that the key to eliminating plantar fasciitis, heel pain or tight calves is stretching out the foot or feet (dorsi-flexed position) for an extended period of time.  If we were designed to walk on our hands, this wouldn’t be such a problem, but because we are on our feet for most of the day, finding time to stretch out our feet for an extended period of time proves to be difficult.  So when are we off our feet for an extended period of time?  When we go to sleep!

For years podiatrists and running injury specialists prescribed night splints.  If you have suffered from plantar fasciitis you have probably worn the infamous big blue boot.  This cumbersome “boot” was uncomfortable and not very effective mainly because its design allowed room for the runner’s foot to get itself out of a dorsi-flexed position during the evening.  It’s so ugly that even when worn with Victoria Secret’s sexiest lingerie or Calvin Klein’s tight white briefs your spouse was sure to go running for the couch!

Solution: The Strassburg Sock

After several unsuccessful doctor visits and a couple steroid shots in the heal, Dave Strassburg was growing tired of his “first step of the day blues!”. So late one evening, using a tube sock, a piece of material and his wife’s sewing machine he created what we now know as the Strassburg Sock.  After wearing the sock for a few nights and experiencing pain free mornings, Strassburg was confident he had created a device that could effectively hold his foot in the desired “dorsi-flexed” position all night.  He quickly got in contact with his physiotherapist buddy and applied for a patent.  On behalf of the running community, I would like to thank Dave Strassburg for patent # 5,399,155!

Average Retail Price: $39.50 USD

For details on how the sock works and proper sizing click here.

For retail locations click here.

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