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Start Using Your Foam Roller

posted by Chan
Start Using Your Foam Roller

Someone convinced you to buy a foam roller and you used it for a total of an hour the first week you bought it. Sound familiar? 

Runners Feed Senior Editor, Chantelle Wilder wrote an article entitled “Save Your Money, Use Self-Myofascial Release Tools“. Below is an excerpt that perfectly explains why you should continue to use your foam roller.

Sweep regularly…

Think of it like sweeping your kitchen floor.  If you sweep daily the chore is easy.  If you wait a week, the grime has moved into the crevices of the baseboards, making this chore increasingly difficult.  Wait a month, and you’re spending $90 on hiring a Molly Maid before your parents come to visit!  Similarly, if you don’t ‘sweep up’ the junk in your muscles daily, this junk turns into knots and makes a semi-permanent home in your muscle fascia.  Eventually your body is uncooperative and in desperation you end up spending $90 on a deep-tissue massage before your biggest race of the season.

Complete Foam Rolling Guide

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  1. Elizabeth says:

    I have a similar foam roller and use it to stretch before running. It totally made a huge difference how my body feels even after the workout.

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