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Speed Intervals

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Speed Intervals

Speed Intervals can be a ton of fun for an endurance athlete. It is not too often we can just let loose and not worry about fading in the end. These intervals are to be performed at top end speed in order to develop pure speed which will inevitably result in the ability to race and finish with the best. There are a few examples that bring the importance of this type of workout to light. In a world-class 10,000m event, the last lap is often run in 51 seconds. That does not happen without some pure speed work.  Furthermore, when a distance runner is asked to fill in for the 400m x 400m team, he or she often asks the coach, ‘how should I run this?’, simply searching for strategy.  The coach will most likely reply ‘all-out’.  A sprinter might have the ability to come through 200m in 22 seconds, thus dying in the home-stretch.  Endurance athletes do not need to worry about going out too fast. Lastly, the faster you can run 200m the more speed reserve you have, which means mile repeats at 6:00 pace will feel just a bit slower.

Who: The more seasoned runner
When: Pre-competitive and competitive phase
What: Short in length, high in intensity
Where: A clear path or track
Why: Increase pure speed
2-mile warm-up
6x200m + 4x300m with 200m jog recovery
2-mile cool-down

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