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Simplify Your Training Log

posted by Brandon
Simplify Your Training Log

It wasn’t long ago that Chantelle Wilder shared an article entitled The Training Log, An Absolutely Essential Tool in which she named the Top 5 reasons to keep a training log. After perusing through Ryan Hall’s ‘Running With Joy: My Daily Journey to the Marathon‘ it affirmed my belief that training logs these days overcomplicate things.

Reid Coolsaet, 2:10 Canadian Marathoner said it best. “In general, North Americans and Europeans are concerned about things Kenyans don’t think twice about, such as heart rate and blood lactate levels“.

Here are my 3 suggestions for keeping a training log. I also listed 7 articles below that will help in each of the areas I listed on the training log. Read ’em, Run, Get Results!

1) Simplify Your Log: The chart below was created as an excel document. Simply copy and paste each week or print a few out and place them on your fridge.







2) Set Goals: Setting goals will keep you honest and on par throughout the weeks and months leading up to your goal race.

3) Log More Than Miles: Training hard is important, recovering harder is the key to success.

Suggested Reading:

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Sleeping More Can Improve Performance

About the Author:  Brandon Laan is a runner, coach, and entrepreneur.  He spent his undergraduate days at The University of Western Ontario where he captained the Cross Country Team before fleeing to Hawaii Pacific University for graduate school. He is a Level II Certified USATF coach and holds personal bests of 1:06 and 2:21 in the Half Marathon and Marathon respectively. He also enjoys running to eat, not eating to run…and always will.

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  1. Brett_Writer says:

    This is great because while it is a more simplified training log than what some other outlets have been providing, it still entails enough variety across an individuals training plan to ensure they’re covering a lot of the bases. Simple yet effective – a great tool for a rookie runner or a seasoned vet!

  2. dev_s says:

    great addition to a journal-type logbook, adds some structure

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