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Scott MacPherson Has Done All The Hard Work

posted by Brandon
Scott MacPherson Has Done All The Hard Work

Scott MacPherson is a man who knows he can run with the best in the country. He has done all the work and will be ready to roll in his Adidas Adios on January 14th. Read more about a day in the life of MacPherson, who he trains with, and what he will eat the night before the big race. It truly sounds like MacPherson has crossed all his T’s and dotted all his I’s thanks to Team Rogue Elite and Adidas.

Runners Feed: Take us through a typical day of your life 

Scott MacPherson: I wake up, drink a few cups of Ruta Maya Coffee, (local austin roaster) and get ready for my run. I will either meet my training group (Team Rogue Elite) or run on my own. After my run I make some breakfast and head to Rogue Running in downtown Austin, where I do PR, Marketing and Coach local marathoners. Many days I try to fit in a massage at lunch and core/strength training at Pure Austin Fitness in the afternoon. After coaching in the evening, I go home ,cook dinner, and try to get to bed as early as possible.

RF: Do you work full or part-time while training? If so, what do you do? If not, what has kept you afloat while you pursue your dream?

SM: I am fortunate enough to be a part of Team Rogue Elite, we are sponsored by Adidas and receive a monthly stipend for living expenses. I also work part time for my sponsor, Rogue Running. It is an Austin original Running retail and training center. We train about 1,000 runners in the area, everyone from the beginner to the experienced veteran. Rogue has a great atmosphere and community.

RF: When the going gets tough on the 14th what will keep you gunning for the finish line?

SM: Knowing that it has been my lifelong goal to make an Olympic team, knowing that I have done all the hard work and knowing that I belong in that race, running with the best in the country, that is what will keep me going.

Rapid Fire

RF: What will you eat the night before?

SM: Spaghetti most likely!

RF: Race day shoes?

SM: Adidas Adios 2! The greatest marathon shoe ever!!!


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