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Sarah Wismer Set To Represent Canada

posted by Brandon
Sarah Wismer Set To Represent Canada

Sarah Wismer is a 16 year old Guelph native with a dream to represent her country in a sport that she loves.  As a member of the Speed River Track and Field Club in Guelph, she has been around Canadian Champions and Olympians for the last four and a half years.  Now she has the chance to join the ranks of the elite. She recently qualified to represent Canada at the NACAC (North America/Central America/Caribbean) Cross Country Championships in Jamaica and the World Cross Country Championships in Poland via her ninth place finish at the Canadian Championships in Vancouver.  She was the youngest qualifier on a team that is made up of athletes 19 years old and younger. There is only one problem. 

The teams are self funded.  This means that she has to pay the entire cost of both of these trips if she wants to wear the red and white of Canada.  Please help this young lady achieve her dream of representing Canadians on the biggest stage in the world by participating in a 5km race in Guelph on January 19th. Keep reading to learn more about this young athlete.

Personal Bests:

800 – 2:26:30
1500 – 4:46:63
3000 – 10:25:03
Cross Country: 17:53 (5km)

What does a day in the life of Sarah Wismer look like?

A typical day is me not wanting to get out of bed, but I do.  I walk or bike to school.  I either have running practice or go for a run on my own after school.  My evenings are for homework, speedskating or working at a running store.  There isn’t much free time during the week.

What do you do when you are not running?

School keeps me pretty busy but I do find time to do some other things.  Any spare time I have is usually spent reading, I used to read between intervals during a track workout.  I speed skate (short track) in the winter with a club in Kitchener. I work at a running store in Guelph, The Running Works. I got my G1 license when I turned 16 and am working towards getting my G2.  At track and cross country meets when I am not racing or cheering on my  team mates I play cards (Dutch Blitz).

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

In five years I see myself at a university but I am not sure yet what I want to study, probably something related to science. I will definitely be running cross country and track. If all goes well I hope to continue to represent Canada in cross country and also on the track.


Rapid Fire Questions:

1.    Who is your favourite runner? I don’t have a favourite runner but I have been motivated by the elite runners in the Speed River Club (such as Hilary Stellingweff) and at the University of Guelph.
2.    Are you superstitious? No, but I always have someone braid my hair before a race.
3.    What is your go-to shoe? Right now it is the Saucony Guide
4.    What is your favourite event? Cross Country preferably a 5 km. I tend to do better on challenging courses with hills and mud.
5.    Who is your biggest supporter? My grandparents.  They have been coming to my races and cheering me on since I was in elementary school. They have been to almost all my races but couldn’t come to Nationals in Vancouver. I am so fortunate to have them living down the street. They often drive me to practice.

If you cannot run the 5K…


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