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Sarah Clay Set To Run The Honolulu Marathon

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Sarah Clay Set To Run The Honolulu Marathon

One of the world’s greatest athletes of all-time will be on The Honolulu Marathon course on December 9th. Bryan Clay, a native of Hawaii and a graduate of Castle High School will be cheering on his wife, Sarah Clay, as she tackles the stunning 26.2 miles on the south shores of Oahu. Sarah has devoted countless hours to this endeavour, and credits her success to her husband and fancy socks. The tables have turned, and it is time for this mother of 3 to chase her athletic goals.

The following Q&A provides insight into what it takes to balance running and family. Sarah also talks about why she chose to run The Honolulu Marathon.

RF: What excites you most about your first marathon and what seems daunting?

SC: To me, the most exciting thing is just accomplishing a goal! Daunting…ummmm 26.2 miles!!!!!

RF: What is the best way that Bryan encourages and supports you in your training?

SC: Bryan is a HUGE support for me. I definitely could not be training for this marathon without his help and support. He not only helps with any of my athletic/training/stretching questions that I have but he also encourages me to push myself. He also takes over as Mr. Mom a lot since I have to be out running everyday sometimes for several hours at time. On my long runs he will sometimes pack the kids up in the car and drive around to meet me at various points through out my run; he brings me water, ZICO and energy snacks. He is AWESOME!!

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RF: What’s the best advice that you’ve been given about running?

SC: Oh gosh…living with an Olympian I have been given A LOT of running advice 🙂:) If I had to pick just one thing I guess I would say that the best advice has been to set little goals for myself and to keep challenging my self.

RF: Do you prefer to train in groups or alone?

SC: It depends on what I am doing. I love to run with Bryan or with a friend.

RF: What is your favorite piece of running gear that you own?

SC: I love my ASICS socks. They have this little extra piece of cushiony fabric that sticks above your shoe in the heel and at the tongue that keeps your shoe from rubbing and keeps the sock from slipping down inside your shoe (I hate that!) and they are so comfortable! I also really like my Gel-lyte 33 ASICS, they also help to keep my feet happy on those long runs!:) Another “must have” for me are my Oakley sunglasses. I have tried other brands of running glasses and they just DON’T compare to my Oakleys.

RF: How has running benefited your relationship with your husband and children?

SC: Bryan and I met on the track team at Azusa Pacific University so I guess that is the most important way that it benefited us, it is what brought us together! 🙂:)

RF: What advice can you give an aspiring marathoner who is trying to balance life as a mother and wife?

SC: It is hard! I feel very blessed to have a husband like Bryan who is so supportive and helpful to me during this time. Training for a marathon is a BIG time commitment. My advice to someone wanting to run a marathon and balance family life would be to first sit down with their husband and seriously discuss what the time commitment is going to look like for you, talk about what time of day you will try to do your runs, talk about if he is willing to take on a few extra “duties” with the kids in order to give you that extra time that you may need, find out if he is willing to support you in it 100%.

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RF: Why did you choose the Honolulu Marathon?

SC: Why not Honolulu, right?!?! Any excuse to get to Hawaii!! 😉;) Just kidding… I am not sure really why I chose the Honolulu Marathon. Waaayyy back when, before I had kids I set a goal for myself that one day I would run it. Also, Bryan is from Hawaii, and has participated in race weekend festivities in an effort to inspire both young and old. He is very active in the community there, promoting healthy, active lifestyles, so I guess I just figured that it would be a good place for me to run it! wishes Sarah the best of luck in Honolulu and looks forward to catching up post marathon. 

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