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Sage Canaday on Runners Feed Live

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Sage Canaday on Runners Feed Live

Sage Canaday, 2:16 Marathoner, 2 time Olympic trials qualifier, author, entrepreneur, chats with Brandon Laan on Runners Feed Live on episode 23. Sage explains what it was like in San Diego and his 2:16 finish time, his relationship with the Hansons Brooks Distance Project, his favourite shoe and the reasons why it is his personal favourite shoe.

As entrepreneur Sage started his company, Vo2Max Productions LLC, which he uses as a platform to help launch his recently published book, Running for the Hansons (available on Sage shares his story about the team aspect and groups of running. Great read for all levels of runners from weekend warriors to elites.

About the book – Sage Canaday, a former athlete at Cornell University and current member of the Hansons-Brooks Olympic Development Program, has recently published a book recounting his training with the team made famous by 2008 Olympic Marathoner Brian Sell and 2011 Boston Marathon 2nd Place Finisher Desiree Davilla. The book provides a framework for how the team operates, including training, racing, and living a lifestyle centered around running. Along the way, Sage discusses how he became a member of the program, profiles his teammates and team founders Kevin and Keith Hanson, and gives unparalleled insight into the unrelenting training it takes to compete at the highest levels of the sport. The reader learns about the elations, the disappointments and the re-discoveries of what it takes to be an elite, American distance runner.

Running For The Hansons speaks to runners of all levels and abilities and fans of sport in general. It provides motivation to those looking to improve their times and training tips for those elite runners hoping to jump to the upper echelon of competition. The book even includes a complete 3 month training log that resulted in a 2:16 Boston Marathon performance, an invaluable resource. Running For The Hansons is sure to resonate with a wide audience, with early reviews calling the book “an excellent read for anyone who wants to know what it takes to keep the dream going” ( with Sage being “a narrator to whom readers can relate, even if their race times are nowhere near Canaday’s” (

Running For The Hansons is available now in paperback for $14.95 on Sage Canaday’s website and in electronic book format on Discounts are available for multi-volume orders on a case by case basis. For more information on placing an order or to discuss the possibility of publishing an excerpt of the book in your publication, please e-mail Sage at or Michael Robertson at Sage is also available for interviews to discuss his book and current training.

About Sage Canaday

Sage Canaday is a Brooks-sponsored elite runner on the Hansons-Brooks Distance Project team. He hails from Sheridan, OR and is a graduate of Cornell University, where he was the 2008 Ivy League Conference Champion at 10,000 meters. He is a two-time qualifier for the US Olympic Marathon Trials and was the youngest participant at the age of 21 at the 2007 trials. He most recently ran 2:16 for 8th place overall at the 2011 San Diego Rock „n‟ Roll Marathon and was the 8th American finisher (17th overall) at the 2010 Chicago Marathon.

About Vo2max Productions

Vo2max Productions, LLC initially formed in 2010 as a creative outlet to share videos and other published media about the sport of distance running. In 2011 it became a publisher and produced its first book, Running For The Hansons. Vo2max Productions, LLC is owned and operated by Sage Canaday.

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    Sue, I followed the link fromt he Sage Lady coemmnt on the guest post I did on the Sage website.Little did I know that browsing your blog I would learn something new! I didn’t know you could type so little and get the right Date in Sage- these are the kind of quick tips I love as they are never taught in the re-accreditaion exams, like the removing columns I mentioned in my blog.I don’t know if you are on LinkedIn but there is a group for Sage UK Business Partners and Staff where I started a thread about blogging I am going to post the link to your blog there as I think others will find it useful.

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