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Runners With Benefits

posted by Jordan
Runners With Benefits

How many times have you been given a gift card, left it in your wallet for over a year and when you finally try to use it you find out that it has already expired?  The disappointment ensues, and you are determined that next time you will not forget about it. The same thing used to happen to me with my benefits from work. In essence, they are gift cards with a one-year expiration date. How can we make it more likely to use and maximize our benefits as runners to improve our overall health and performance

1. Book appointments in advance to ensure that you use all of your benefits.

2. Find a reasonably priced “go-to” massage therapist, physiotherapist, and chiropractor who are knowledgeable about our sport.

3. Work with your knowledgeable practitioners to book your appointments at strategic times throughout your training cycle to maximize the impact of your treatments.
4. Don’t wait until you are in pain to see someone.  Pain is a sign that you have waited too long.
Our friends at Priority Massage & Health in London, Ontario provide a tranquil setting to relax, recover, and chill out to the soothing sounds of Jack Johnson! What more could you ask for?!?

When using your benefits it is important to view your treatments as part of your training and not just supplemental.  You can’t train hard if you aren’t healthy and I would go further to say that if you are training hard, you cannot maintain your health without treating your body. The amazing thing about using your benefits is that it makes what could be an expensive part of your training FREE!!!!

About the Author: Jordan Haddad is a writer for Runners Feed. She has recently revisited the running scene searching for that illusive runner’s high. When she isn’t writing or running, Jordan loves to dance, swim, and bike. She was also well-known in her neighborhood for riding a bike with a large orange flag attached to the back because she never had the patience to do anything slowly.

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