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Runners Feed Adds Strength Coach Kari Schneider To Wellness Team

posted by Chantelle
Runners Feed Adds Strength Coach Kari Schneider To Wellness Team

Today we are excited to announce the addition of Strength Coach Kari Schneider to our Runners Feed Wellness Team.

Kari Schneider is an experienced, educated and respected strength coach who has been training nationally competitive and world-class athletes for the last 13 years. In addition to working with top collegiate athletes and Olympians, Kari has a broad scope of practice from chronic pain patients to weight loss clients.  She founded Empower Conditioning in Winnipeg Manitoba in 2006 and has relocated the gym to London Ontario after returning to Canada after 2 years of working and living in Turkey. Kari is highly educated with multiple degrees and certifications including the following:  Masters of Science, Bachelors of Physical Education, Certified Athletic Therapist, Certified Exercise Physiologist (through the Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology), Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (through the National Strength and Conditioning Association).  When Kari isn’t training athletes she can be found running, racing (running and eco-adventure races) hiking, biking, snowboarding, climbing, lifting and best of all being a mom!

Visit Empower Conditioning to learn more!

Empower Conditioning
206 Piccadilly St.
London, Ontario
N6A 1S1
Phone: 519-204-9206


At Runners Feed, we believe the key to a successful running career: whether that is defined by running fast, or running till you’re 90, is long bouts of consistent, uninterrupted training, achieved through physical and mental wellness.  To help facilitate this we have partnered with some of the best therapists, doctors and wellness practitioners who will be sharing their knowledge by contributing regularly to our site.  Check out the Runners Feed Wellness Team

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