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Run: Speed Short

posted by Chantelle
Run: Speed Short

If you’re comfortable showing a little leg, are less concerned with modesty and more concerned with speed and comfort than I would suggest picking up a pair of these.  They are my preferred go to short for treadmill and summer running.  The high points about these shorts (other than the slit on the side) is that they are very cool, with ventilation through the back base of the waistband, they offer a coolmax liner that is cool, breathable and doesn’t move during runs.

The waistband itself is made of what they call luxtreme:  a fabric that has 4-way stretch and is inherently moisture wicking for the lifetime of the garment.  The outer shell of the short is very light and breathable, and has stretch to move with you throughout your stride but doesn’t hang to far away from the body to feel bulky.  Lululemon carries the speed short all year round and they come in a multitude of colours.  And as with most lululemon gear they tend to enhance the look of a woman’s backside.  We could all use a little help with that.


They are really short and the leg openings can be narrow for runners who have more muscular thighs.


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    1. Tracy says:

      Best decision I made this year was to start wiraeng a tie to work.Even it’s my joe-job, that I really don’t want to be doing. But it’s had an affect on my artistic career as well.Though I think the tie is actually a by-product, not a cause. It’s all part-and-parcel of taking yourself seriously and acting like a professional.Smart move, Rebecca. I applaud you.

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