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Run Like a Clydesdale

posted by Brett
Run Like a Clydesdale

Quite simply, running can change a life. We’ve all heard inspiring stories from the distance running community, runner David DeNeire is a different breed.  Distance runners tend to train for a certain race, time or distance – selecting one, two, maybe three events annually to concentrate on and dedicate all their focus too. For David, it’s about accomplishing what most deem impossible.

When Grimsby, ON resident David DeNeire started running seriously in 2010, he weighed over 300lbs and was feeling down in the dumps. That year David became a ‘weekend warrior’ running in nine half marathons throughout Ontario, keeping his motivation high and dropping pounds at a rapid rate. Then in December of that same year he made the decision to enter the Rock N’ Roll Las Vegas Marathon, which David considered a life changer. He loved the energy and passion of the event, and so in 2011, DeNeire committed to 28 events throughout the year. He ran thirteen half’s, thirteen full marathons and two 10km races across North America. That’s 639km of racing in one year! He fell in love with the Rock N’ Roll racing series, particularly their ‘Heavy Medal’ awards system. The Rock N’ Roll series awards medals to those who compete in two or more annual events (half or full marathon distance). They have different, cool looking medals for anyone running between two and ten events annually. DeNeire has already compiled a pretty impressive wall of medals in just two years.

In 2011 David easily qualified for the ‘Rock Idol medal’ running in ten or more Rock N’ Roll events. Impressive as that is, in 2012, DeNeire plans to crush that total. This past weekend, he ran his 25th event of the year competing in the Rock N’ Roll Virginia Beach half marathon, David’s 15th half marathon this year. Following Virginia Beach, David’s schedule will heat up immensely. In September alone he’ll compete in six events including back-to-back marathons in Denver and Montreal on the 22nd and 23rd respectively.

2012 will be a huge year for David, and his goals have gotten even higher. He intends to run 50 events in 50 weeks, lose another 50lbs and raise $50,000 for 5 different charities. Here’s a link to David’s charities. In 2011 he was the only person to compete in all 19 Rock N’ Roll events at the full distances offered. This year will feature 27 Rock N’ roll events across North America and Europe. David plans to once again compete in every single event, taking him to places as far away as Madrid (Spain), Edinburgh (Scotland), Lisbon (Portugal) and Montreal (Quebec). David will almost surely be the only man to compete in all 27 events. Click here to review the majority of David’s races.

David’s accomplishments are an inspiration to a wide variety of runner’s, especially those competing under the ‘Clydesdale’ division. (Runner’s over 200lbs). Logging 225 to 275km a month, DeNeire is living proof that one’s weight isn’t a barrier in accomplishing lofty running goals. His efforts have not gone unnoticed. ING has selected David to be part of their ‘Class of 2012’ ahead of this November’s ING New York City Marathon. The class of 2012 features five runner’s from various walks of life and profiles their journey to the ING New York City Marathon. There are a series of YouTube video’s profiling the five selected ‘Class of 2012’ runner’s. Click here to watch some of the video’s – including David!

Runners Feed will be following David’s lead up to the ING New York City Marathon and his attempt to complete the entire Rock N’ Roll series. Keep checking back for further updates on his progress. Readers can also follow David through his blog.

About the Author: Brett Bonisteel resides in Ottawa, Canada and trains with the Ottawa Lions Track and Field Club. Brett is a passionate fan of the sport of distance running and enjoys writing about the sport’s elites. He comes from a family of distance athletes and when they aren’t competing out on the roads, winning a fierce game of Jeopardy holds equal bragging rights.

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  1. Heidi Brown says:

    I am proud to call him my friend, he is a man who is a huge motivation to me and so many others, thank you David!

  2. Claudette Rooyakkers says:

    Great inspirational story and a awesome looking picture of you David. When I see you, I want your autograph.

  3. Jessica Denny says:

    I just finished my first half marathon (Gulf Beach Half Marathon) and crossed the finish line with this man. He was wonderful and I wouldn’t have done so well without him and his friend Michelle. Amazing story!!

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