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Run During Your Lunch Break

posted by Brandon
Run During Your Lunch Break

In a great article from, Julian Gavaghan talks about the rise in popularity of what she termed the run-ch break. 

There is no doubt that a dose of exercise can reinvigorate an employee who spend upwards of 9 hours at a desk throughout the day.

Maximize Time, Minimize Frustration: Run To and From Work

You will be more productive, healthy, and happy. For the bosses out there, extend the lunch hour to an hour and fifteen minutes and watch your overall productivity go up, and watch your employee’s sick days go down.

Develop Form and Speed During Your Run-ch Break

Here are 3 Tips to ensure you enjoy your run-ch break

1) Be prepared (pack your gear and snacks)
2) Do not rush (a brief workout is better than no workout)
3) Find a nearby shower (you do not want to be the stinky employee)

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