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Run Canada Month Starts Tomorrow

posted by Chantelle
Run Canada Month Starts Tomorrow

Run Canada month begins tomorrow–April 1st, and it is no joke! This initiative, spearheaded by Speed River Manager, Chris Moulton, has the potential to get more Canadians up and moving than ever before . Over 80 road races from across Canada are registered as Run Canada Races and will be run over the next 30 days.

Runners Feed is a proud sponsor of Run Canada month and encourages all our readers to run at least one Run Canada Race this month! To further support this event, we have interviewed several race directors of Run Canada Races and will be featuring  each race throughout the month of April!

View Complete List of Run Canada Races

Learn about the 4 main objectives of Run Canada month

In addition to the Run Canada month road races, the initiative also includes a unique Run Canada School program, whereby elementary school classes are being challenged to complete 42.2 kilometer distance as a class (collectively!).

Learn How to Organize “Can Your Class Run a Marathon?” project

Furthermore, funds raised during Run Canada Month will be used to adequately prepare Canada’s Olympic Marathon qualifiers Reid Coolsaet and Eric Gillis on their quest for success at the London Olympics this August.

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