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Recipe Modifications with Nutrition in Mind (Part 1)

posted by Jennifer
Recipe Modifications with Nutrition in Mind (Part 1)

A few small changes to the ingredients in your favourite recipe can take a mediocre meal and transform it into a nutrition-packed superstar! When you think about it, most of us tend to prepare the same 10 recipes again and again. With a few small tweaks in how you prepare those same 10 recipes, meal after meal, month after month, it can definitely add up to a healthier you.

For instance, by sneaking in a few more vegetables into your meals, using low-fat cooking methods such as steaming instead of frying, or substituting healthier ingredients such as whole wheat flour for regular white flour, you can benefit from attaining a healthy weight, reducing your risk for cancer, diabetes, and heart disease, plus, you’ll still get to enjoy your favourite top 10 recipes!

Tip: Try writing down the 10 meal ideas you make most often. Think about the ingredients and how you prepare and cook the food. Write down any new ideas you want to try.

The following ingredient substitutions will help you boost fibre, cut sugar, or lower the fat in your family’s favourite recipes.

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