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ReActive Hosts Run Clinic Wednesday Evening

posted by Brandon
ReActive Hosts Run Clinic Wednesday Evening

Have you ever wanted more than 5 minutes to ask a health care professional your burning running questions? How about a health care professional that is also Kona Ironman? 

Physiotherapist, Jennifer Entwistle will be sharing her secrets Wednesday April 11th at 7pm in the hometown of

It doesn’t matter if you are running Boston this weekend or looking to complete your first 10K on August 19th, you will run away with some great new tools to improve your performance.

Below are just a few topics that will be covered:

1. Efficient and safe running techniques
2. Barefoot running: Fad or Fact
3. How to select your running shoes
4. Strength training for runners
5. Static vs. Dynamic Stretching 
6. Self Myofascial Release techniques
7. Gait Analysis

Download Clinic PDF

Call 519-601-5522 to register as space is limited.

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