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Questionnaire To Assess The Popularity of Gluten Free Diet In Athletes

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Questionnaire To Assess The Popularity of Gluten Free Diet In Athletes

Runners Feed is encouraging weekend warriors and elite athletes to participate in an online survey investigating the popularity of gluten free diets in non-celiac athletes.

As many of our readers may be aware, adherence to a gluten free diet for non-celiac athletes has become increasingly popular and many athletes attribute the elimination of gluten to improved performance and reduced gastrointestinal distress, despite the relative lack of supportive medical evidence. Some researchers estimate that only 5–10% of Americans are gluten sensitive; however, two other recent surveys have quantified that a gluten free diet in non-celiac athletes is even more prevalent in athletic populations. To date, substantiation of gluten free eating and improved athletic performance is based on anecdotal evidence which further extends to claims of the diet decreasing GI dysfunction, inflammation, improved immunity, intestinal integrity and nutritional status; all factors that influence athletic performance.

The focus of this survey is to collect preliminary data about the prevalence, beliefs and experiences with gluten (or not) on general health, gastrointestinal issues and performance.

There is a full description of the project on page one (including definitions of gluten etc.), and the survey has been approved by ethics, confidential and anyone is able to withdraw at any question.   The questionnaire does not endorse or refute gluten free diets, but just collects information.


If you have any questions please contact the researchers listed below.
Dr. James Fell,, +61 (0)3 6324 5485
Dr. Cecilia Shing,, +61 3 6324 5484
Dr. Trent Stellingwerff, 001-250-208-6674
Dana Lis, +61 428 229 750

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