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Post-Run Fast Food Breakfast Done Right

posted by Chantelle
Post-Run Fast Food Breakfast Done Right

“Breakfast is the most important meal of the day!” is a phrase you’ve likely heard one or twice; however, some early morning runners can’t stand the thought of stomaching anything prior to hitting the roads.  Perhaps even more important than a small bite prior to your morning run is what you consume after you run to replenish stores and help your body recover for tomorrow’s mile repeats.  With minutes ticking down before your phone at work will be ringing off the hook, many athletes opt out of breakfast and wait till nearly noon before they grab a coffee and a couple mini-donuts their co-worker brought in yesterday.

Subways' The Black Forest Ham, Egg & Cheese served on a muffin with an egg white has only 170 calories and 4 grams of fat

While we would rather you review our recipes tab (Oatmeal Creations), we understand that life gets busy and sometimes fast food is the only option.  Lucky for us the Editors at Real Age Healthy Living compiled a list of the 5 Worst Fast Food Breakfasts (and What you Should Order Instead).

View the complete article to learn which of your favorite smoothies has upwards to 800 calories, and the healthy 240-calorie alternative offered at the same venue.

See Runners Feed’s Breakfast Recipes

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