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Post Race Recap With Jason Flogel

posted by Brandon
Post Race Recap With Jason Flogel

Time: 2:21:53
Place: 63
Age: 28
Affiliation: Runablaze Iowa

Runners Feed: Describe your 2012 Olympic Marathon Trials experience

Being part of the trials didn’t really hit me until I got to Houston. It was the first vacation for my wife, Dana, and I with our four month old son, Carter, so it was also fun in that regard. We were accommodated extremely well, which made the trip very stress-less. I got a massage on my shins and back two days before the race which helped reduce the stress I was feeling in them. The race went out a little fast for the training I was able to complete, so I had to make some adjustments at about the six or seven mile mark to assure that I’d finish with a reasonable time. I was hurting pretty bad already at the half marathon mark, so the second half of the race is somewhat of a blur. I was extremely relieved to see the finish line. I didn’t finish with the time or place I wanted to, but I certainly learned from this experience and enjoyed it.

RF: Were you satisfied with your performance?

No, not especially.

RF: What would you have done differently?

Because of injury, my only option was lots of cross training. I didn’t have the strength in the later miles that I usually do to maintain pace. I needed more mileage on my legs.

RF: What is on tap for the spring/summer?

I want to do some shorter races and get some speed back into my legs before returning to marathon training.

Rapid Fire

RF: In 1 word describe your approach to the race. Aggressive
RF: Rate the crowd support out of 10. 6
RF: What besides water fueled you throughout the race? powerbar gel & powerade
RF: Who proved to be your #1 fan today? My famiily
RF: Can we expect to see you gunning for the 2016 Olympic Marathon Trials? Yes
RF: In 1 word describe your emotion when you crossed the finish line. Relief


RF: I executed my race plan. FALSE
RF: I hit the wall. TRUE
RF: I had fun! TRUE
RF: I will do my best to make it to the start line of another OT race? TRUE
RF: I will take a week or more off running? TRUE

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