Top 5 Reasons to Run the Running Factory Spring Thaw

The 20th edition of the Running Factory Spring Thaw will take place on Sunday, March 24th. What better way to kick off the 2013 running season in the Windsor-Essex Area!! Continue reading “Top 5 Reasons to Run the Running Factory Spring Thaw”

The Man Behind The 408K: J.T. Service

Remember J.T. Service from the Olympic Trials Marathon 5 years ago? If not, watch this video. Service has gone from putting himself on the start line in great shape to putting 5,000+ people on the start line. As the founder and president of Soul Focus, Service can be found behind the scenes of The Giant Race, The Kauai Marathon, and The 408K ‘Race to the Row’. Keep reading to learn more about a man leading the way for the next generation of race directors. Continue reading “The Man Behind The 408K: J.T. Service”

Meet Tom Spadafora of The Fox River Trail Runners

Spadafora is energetic and passionate about his community. “Ever want to try something different with your running or need to push yourself harder to reach a goal? Our events provide the opportunities and tools to make that happen” says Spadafora. Check out this Q&A to get to know the man behind some of these fascinating events in Illinois. Continue reading “Meet Tom Spadafora of The Fox River Trail Runners”

Questionnaire To Assess The Popularity of Gluten Free Diet In Athletes

Runners Feed is encouraging weekend warriors and elite athletes to participate in an online survey investigating the popularity of gluten free diets in non-celiac athletes. Continue reading “Questionnaire To Assess The Popularity of Gluten Free Diet In Athletes”

Chicken Chili, Navy Bean, & Veggie Soup

This is a delicious, hearty bowl of soup packed with great sources of lean protein. This is an easy way to get your serving of beans and legumes. Beans have a low glycemic index, which means they have the unique ability to provide energy over a sustained period of time by being slowly released into your blood stream. This soup can be served with the following toppings: Greek yogurt, salsa, chopped green onions, or shredded cheese.  Continue reading “Chicken Chili, Navy Bean, & Veggie Soup”

Bean, Lentil, & Vegetable Soup

A hearty warming soup that’s perfect for the cold winter season. This recipe can easily be modified into a vegetarian/vegan alternative by substituting the chicken stock with vegetable stock. This soup can accommodate any can of beans you have in the cupboard and is a great source of protein, fibre, iron, and vitamins A and C.

Continue reading “Bean, Lentil, & Vegetable Soup”

Have the Financial Freedom to Enjoy Running in Your Later Years

Last January I had the pleasure of spending a weekend in Houston, Texas with a group of friends which included Dave Nevitt, a familiar name within the Maritime running community. We were both running the Chevron Houston Marathon, and while I would be enjoying my recovery the following month, Dave (53) would go on to run four marathons in four successive weekends throughout Texas and Florida.

Continue reading “Have the Financial Freedom to Enjoy Running in Your Later Years”