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Online Yoga Classes for Busy Athletes

posted by Alice Toyonaga
Online Yoga Classes for Busy Athletes

Find out how you can practice yoga at your own pace, in your own space, and with no one on your case.

Many people enjoy practicing in a yoga studio for the variety of classes and teachers, for the hands-on adjustments that lead to a deeper, safer practice, and for sense of community created by the staff and students. There are, however, people who don’t have access to a studio near them, people who don’t have the means or the time to take their practice to a studio on a regular basis, and those who just prefer to salute the sun in the privacy of their own home.

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Have you found yourself wanting to sneak a short practice in while the baby sleeps? Wanted to practice with some of the world’s most renowned teachers but just couldn’t justify the price tag? Maybe you’ve wished you could just practice at your own pace through a sequence built for your tightnesses or injuries. If any of these ring true, read on to find out what resources are available to you, whatever your level of experience.

Yoga Glo

No more following the same DVD sequence every time you want to practice at home.  is a website that is great, especially if you’re new to yoga. Well-known instructors certified in a variety of styles will lead you through over 1,000 different classes, which will keep your practice fresh, varied, and will allow you to try new styles that you may have been too intimidated to try out or haven’t been exposed to. A free 15-day trial is a pretty sweet deal for those who want to see what it’s all about before they commit.

 Yoga Today

If you’re looking to take your practice a little deeper, you can turn to, a site that offers over 300 tutorials and workshops in inspiring settings. Deconstruct tough postures, better understand the benefits of your practice, even chat with an expert online. There are different membership types, including a free trial, each offering different perks to fit your needs.

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Yoga Journal

Are you looking to work on a particular type of posture like hip openers to address an imbalance in your body? has a sequence builder on their site – free to use – where you can browse through postures (with step by step instructions on how to safely get in and out of the pose) and put them together for a short (or long) custom “class”. Speaking to a yoga instructor to ensure the sequence you built is safe and gradually opens the body is recommended. The site also offers great articles and blogs where you can learn more about all aspects of yoga – breath work, meditation, and more.

With nothing more required than the click of a mouse, now you’re ready to get your zen on, in your own time and on your own dime.

About the Author: Alice Toyonaga is a yoga teacher, runner and bureaucrat. She is best described by her friends as a goal-setter with seemingly limitless endurance and a gift for multi-tasking. Convinced she sleeps in plank, her friends also know that in order to see her socially, they either have to join one of the many run clubs she is a part of or attend her challenging yet grounding yoga classes.

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  1. Farhan says:

    If you want to know the basic form I think it’s Padmasana’. But my opinion about yoga is whveeatr your age is, don’t practice Yoga without an instructor. You see you can do the basics and the Pranayams like Kapalvati’ and Anulom Bilom’ all you want in a daily manner, but you should never do the other derived yogas which are restricted for people with certain physical problems. It may harm you. so do it under proper guidance. Good Luck!!!!

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