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“One Day Without Shoes” by TOM’s

posted by Chantelle
“One Day Without Shoes” by TOM’s

Join hundreds of thousands of people, including celebrities and major corporations like AOL, and go barefoot today.  TOM’s  “One Day Without Shoes” campaign raises awareness for the millions of children that go without shoes on a daily basis. Without shoes, children are exposed to soil-transmitted diseases that are 100% preventable with decent hygiene and a pair of shoes.

Last year over 250,000 people participated in the campaign and over 1,600 reported events were hosted.

Tom’s was founded by Blake Mycoskie, after he traveled Argentina and discovered that children were playing and doing chores without shoes to protect their feet.  After founding the company, Mycoskie returned to Argentina later that same year with 10,000 pairs of new shoes for the children.

Tom’s business plan is founded on the “One for One Movement” which states that “With every pair you purchase, Tom’s will give a pair of new shoes to a child in need”.  This brilliant marketing scheme has proven to be successful for both sides of the globe.

See Tom’s “One Day Without Shoes” promotional video.

View more information on this event.

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